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A Chronicle of Aerth
Book I

Isle of the Broken Crown


Plague: Ancient Gods





Writing in Wonderland

Sylvia Ney

Alaskan Book Cafe'

Christina Gutierrez

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Robyn White


Airlocked: Purple Sword Publishing Bank Robbery: October 2008 issue of Anthro Ezine Clockwork Dwarf: Purple Sword Publications The Crimson Lamia: Purple Sword Publications Endless Summer: The Monsters Next Door Magazine The Haunted Brothel: Purple Sword Publishing A Night With Grimes: Niteblade Magazine
Plague Shaylee, Druid's Daughter Shaylee, Druid's Staff Ghost in the Hardware: Sinister Landscapes Anthology Changing Times: August 2007 Issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine Jacob's Rising: June 2007 Issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine The Witch, The Hunter and the Bride: Purple Sword Publishing